We aim to bring stories that center Black and Brown experiences of joy, liberation and hope to the Tulsa community.

We are proud to be a part of illuminating the powerful legacy that John and Loula Williams created with the Dreamland Theatre. A beautiful integrated space that was an anchor tenant of the historic Greenwood neighborhood right at the entrance of the famous Black Wall Street commonly referred to as “the most popular place in all of Tulsa to propose.” We work with descendants of the Williams family to build this space and programming as authentically as possible to the virtues that originally made Dreamland and the systems of community care that made Greenwood a healthy, wealthy, thriving Black community.

They created a place for us to dream generations beyond them, through fires, demolitions, hate, and horrors…some we still face today. But we still dream and demand better for our community and in a name, in a place, and in practice Dreamland speaks to a vision of hope, beauty, comfort and growth so well.

Join us as we move towards reclaiming land in the Greenwood neighborhood with a brick and mortar contemporary arts venue that uses informative and engaging exhibitions of film and other media to spark community imagination and action towards the futures we dream of and share together.

Dream with us!

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